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experimental, folk, retro label

Life Left

It's been a while since someone started pissing off with insinuations about "politics" that should somehow concern us. We honestly hate excuses and only respond by saying ours because we drank too much tonight and celebrating listening to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. So are we the bad seeds? We remind some idiot still free that since the late '70s the punks (our progeny) have shaved their balls to unlock a common artistic sense that was still totally one-way and only led to boredom, to being standard among standards, everything. For a uniform thought! And someone still wonders if an artistic representation has its own political value? So "Schindler's List" and Spielberg have is own political dangerousness? Was Pierpaolo Pasolini politically dangerous? And, okay, we talk to people who say maybe Einsturzende Neubauten are Nazis, the same people who say Laibach are Nazis, the same people who say Nurse With Wound are Nazis! The same people who say Christian Death are Nazis! All these thinking people are not so interesting to us. We are losing time with these small talkings. We are proud to say: like the punks' 70s we don't want to have limits and we want to continue to see beyond common sense. Drink the most expensive thing you can afford, dare if you can and keep fucking!