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experimental, folk, retro label
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Cor Scorpii; Monument

Nordung debuts into the Black Metal scene with Cor Scorpii, a classically influenced extreme metal band hailing from Norway. "Monument" is probably their best album and is released for the first time on vinyl. They can be described as a hybrid melodic black/ death metal outfit in the vein of Naglfar but instead of relying on bruising force to maintain their sound, they incorporate a healthy dose of progressive and classical influences to keep things varied and interesting. Featuring a pummeling rhythm section, excellent vocals, and a keen eye for atmosphere and melody, Cor Scorpii are poised to break out in the underground metal scene with this elegant release. The most impressive aspect from the album is the maturity and dexterity shown by Stian Bakketeig and Rune Sjothun. Dark, romantic themes play out through the synth ridden atmosphere as the punishing guitars bring a more organic feel to the music. Cor Scorpii fails to disappoint with a nice, glossy finish. For fans of Mirrorthrone, Naglfar, Windir, and Ikuinen Kaamos. The album is out in 222 numbered copies in 4 different editions: - 222 Black Vinyl - 222 Red Vinyl - 222 Gold Vinyl - 222 Picture Discs Cat. NOR IX Out on March 17th, 2021. Pre-order it now!