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experimental, folk, retro label


Habemus Papam! Madre del Vizio presents "Dalla Vita Alla Morte: Una Retrospettiva Del Sangue", a collection of rare demo studio tracks of the early period, full of atmospheres in the drammatic mood of this band, leader of the post-punk scene with his American Gothic influences. It is available in a... read more
A short History of the band: Mephisto Walz was formed in 1986 by Barry Galvin (aka Bari-Bari) and John Schuman (Johann), following their departure from the influential deathrock band Christian Death. Bari-Bari had joined Christian Death as bassist while the iconic Rozz Williams was still vocalist... read more
Madre del Vizio special ebay auction: Fulvio Tori released 10 numbered copies of a CDr named “Habemus Papam” with 13 demo tracks from the first period of the band wich will be included in the “Dalla Vita Alla Morte: Una Retrospettiva Del Sangue", this is a pre-release of the album. Each cover... read more
We open the pre-order of "Dalla Vita alla Morte: Una Retrospettiva del Sangue" by Madre del Vizio on CD! The bad news is that 'cause C19 and our European Governments the music business is still DEAD! So we need to wait the vinyl issue at the moment. The CD will be a deluxe edition and limited... read more
After several requests to release the "Thalia" album by Mephisto Walz in two colors, we changed the releases for this vinyl issue: 100 Black - 200 Violet - 200 Tranparent. All editions will be numbered with stickes, gatefold including lyrics! Out on July 17th 2020. Preorder it now!
After several problems caused by C19 delais Der Blutharsch "Bologna" (Boxset - LP Black - LP White - Deluxe CD) is finally on the market! The graphic is black on black (impossible to see in photo) but excellent release! Great soundquality and great show!
Nordung is proud to present: "Who Can I Turn To Stereo" by Nurse With Wound for the first time on Vinyl! It will be released as double album (including bonus material), strictly limited and numbered and in different colors (Black, Transparent, Silver and Gold). There will be a special Boxset... read more
After several requests by fans Nordung is glad to announce the black vinyl issue of "Lumb's Sister" by NURSE WITH WOUND! Double album, gatefold cover, poster, limited and numbered to 300 copies! It will be available from July 17th 2020!
Finally out Madre Del Vizio CD "Dalla Vita alla Morte" limited edition to 300 copies.
Nordung Records buy your second-hand LP/CD all kind of music, please send a list.
Hello, sorry for the long delay, but we got a terrible computer crash that broke all of our files and nerves. Everybody who makes an order in this period through our website will get an answer soon. Sorry but we got hundreds emails. In the same time we have lots of good news and new records to... read more
Nordung Records is worldwide distributed by MVD Entertainment Group https://mvdb2b.com wholesale also. Please take a look.
Nordung will exclusively distribute the complete Der Blutharsch albums on vinyl and CD. Each album will be released by WKN on vinyl in 666 copies (222 in Black Vinyl, 222 in Colored Vinyl and 222 in Picture Disc). The CD editions will be out in 444 copies. Each release will be numbered and out in... read more
Nurse With Wound "Who Can I Turn To Stereo" LP and Box-set will be available in pre-order in these days through our website. 333 copies for the Box and 111 for the vinyl (available in 5 different colors), stictly limited and numbered edition. Stay tuned to get your copy.
Nordung is glad to announce "terra Regina" by Mephisto Walz on vinyl for the first time. Three editions all numbered, 500 copies in total. Out on January 17th, 2021. Pre-orders we will start on the next week.
Nordung is proud to announce the vinyl issue for the first time of the album by NURSE WITH WOUND “Who Can I Turn To Stereo”, after 25 years of the original issue. While at the time of this recording, Steven Stapleton did not have internet access, the text printed on the CD as well as the spoken... read more
Nordung presents a new release on vinyl with Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound). All Closed Doors was originally released in 2003. The album drifts from spectral soundscapes of ethereal ambience through to the ugly, strange and surreal. All Closed Doors is an eerie and off kilter classic and 18 years... read more
Nordung debuts into the Black Metal scene with Cor Scorpii, a classically influenced extreme metal band hailing from Norway. "Monument" is probably their best album and is released for the first time on vinyl. They can be described as a hybrid melodic black/ death metal outfit in the vein of... read more
Der Blutharsch "First" Album Metal Box Edition 33 Numbered Copies 3 x LP editions (Black / Grey / Picture Disc) + Exclusive Bonus Inserts WKN presents a very special limited edition in Metal Box for each Der Blutharsch album. 11 releases in hand-manufactured Metal Boxes with a different design... read more
Der Blutharsch Metal Box Edition (Subscription) 11 Albums / Complete Series 33 Numbered Copies Each containing 3 x LP editions - Black - Colored - Picture Disc - Exclusive Bonus Inserts WKN presents a very special limited edition in Metal Box for each Der Blutharsch album. 11 releases in... read more
Nordung signed with MR. HYDE, horrorcore band from USA! A really Cult Band! The Psycho-logical rapper! For criminal addicted to La Coka Nostra and Cypress Hill: Vinyls Vinyls Vinyls for the first time! More news soon....
Nurse With Wound - Who Can I Turn To Stereo: all copies of the red, silver, gold, black and white vinyls and the Metal Box sold out!!! Currently available the standard box-set.
Exclusive on Nordung! Cor Scorpii Box-Set "Monument" including the Bonus EP "Attergangar" in marble vinyl! Fantastic news, all the 4 different vinyl editions of the debut album in a special edition of 33 "Wood-Box" (numbered editions). - 33 BOX "Monument+Attergangar" (Black Vinyl) - 33 BOX... read more
Le Vene Di Lucretia / A new Nordung exclusive! This band is a very cult band in the American Gothic genre! This strange and amazing cemeterial album for the first time on vinyl! For fans of Christian Death, Madre del Vizio un CCCP! Thanxxx to leader pornostar Max Zarucchi who introduced the band in... read more
It's been a while since someone started pissing off with insinuations about "politics" that should somehow concern us. We honestly hate excuses and only respond by saying ours because we drank too much tonight and celebrating listening to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. So are we the bad seeds? We... read more
NURSE WITH WOUND "Who Can I Turn To Stereo" Box-Set is sold-out! Sorry for the delay of shipments but we have 9 different factories involved, and with the Covid it's possible get some delays! The boxes will be assembled in this week. Who ordered from the band will receive the boxes approximately... read more
Coil - Love's Secret Domain - 30th Anniversary Edition. Picture Disc - Triple Vinyl. Deluxe Edition. 550 Limited Edition. Out on May 17th, 2021 - Preorders www.nordungrecords.com Nordung (in collaboration with Infinite Fog Productions and Kontakt Audio) is proud to announce this commemorative... read more
CHANTS OF MALDOROR! A new Cult-Gothic-Rock band as soon as signed with Nordung! More news soon!