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experimental, folk, retro label

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2LP (White Vinyl)
The Surveillance Lounge
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Nurse With Wound

Who Can I Turn To Stereo

333 Box-Set numbered edition, including a bonus unreleased CD (available in this Set only) titled “Who Can I Turn To Stereo Session Tape No. 3” and will also contains: - 2LP (In random colors marbled vinyls) - Bonus CD (With unreleased material and exclusive) - T-Shirt (XL size, black casually available with gold or silver printing) - Art Insert cm 30 x cm (Signed, painted on Black Paper, each copy is different) - Mini NWW Game - Notebook (Casually available in two different designs, with gold or silver print) - Metal Badge - Insert (Including notes and tracklistings) - Two Stickers - Two Postcards